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The “nonsense architecture” of the hutch designed by BUREAU A could be the holyday house of Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit.

The confrontation between this animal hut and the complex housing situation of an urbanised world points out the capacity, or incapacity, for architecture to be socially relevant and to improve our living environment. Through this humorous approach, BUREAU A intends to widen its practice of architecture, embracing social issues while providing a diversity of answers.

The Hutch can be considered as a tribute to the American A-frame wood buildings that have been for a long time an affordable way of acquiring individual houses. A-frames never gained novelty among the modern architectural intelligentsia of the 50’s and 60’s. Architects such as Andrew Geller were never “part of the club” while building among the most interesting and economical individual houses its time.

The Hutch is part of a series of self-build projects that have been and will be developed as part of BUREAU A work.



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